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Orbital: More agitation means less of the other cleaning pie, heat, time and chemicals. It also is a greener system as it eliminates the need for heating saving on electricity, and due to extra scrub power uses less chemical.

VLM: Very Low Moisture means using a 10th of the water of hot water extraction systems making it both greener and contributing to quick drying on soft floors not to mention the benefits of eliminating wick-backs and health issues associated with mould.

Encapsulation: The Environ encapsulate includes a liquid polymer that that dries to a micro crystal, encapsulating soils, grime and sticky residues that are unable to re-adhere to the carpet fibres. Any leftover micro crystals are easily removed during routine vacuuming. Environ also contains small amounts Hydrogen Peroxide, an oxidising stain remover that cuts through common stains like coffee spills and shoe polish. As there are no sticky residues left behind, rapid re-soiling is inhibited, leaving carpets cleaner for longer.

All of the above, means carpets can be cleaned at at speeds of up to 800m2 per hour!

Though not that much faster on hard floors, results are more spectacular due to the extra scrub power and orbital action that allows the brush to get into pores and profile areas that would otherwise be skimmed over.

Epoxy floor before and after.

Silverstar Casino, outer rows of porcelain tiles.

Carpets, Silverstar Casino.

Textured tile with rust mark, left side cleaned.

Gold Reef City, stained porcelain tiles centre line.

Protea gardens mall.

Nylon carpet, left side clean in 10 seconds.

University of Pretoria, pebble pave.

Paving, chemical free.

Chemical free vinyl stripping.

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